Stopped short.

So the reading count ended up at 47. My head cold turned into bronchitis and I couldn’t muster the energy to forge any closer to 50.

So for 2011, I’m changing the formula. I’m going away from new books. Well, sort of. I still have plenty of books I’ve bought and haven’t gotten to, and I look forward to them. But I’m going to, in the words of Paul Simon, lean on old, familiar ways. For one thing, I’ve been reading a lot of non-fiction, and while I enjoy that, I miss novels. I’m going to try for a classic favorite every month– Huck Finn, Grapes of Wrath, Sound and the Fury, One Hundred Years of Solitude, etc. I may experiment with audio books too… not sure on that front, but I’m considering it… just because I drive about an hour each day and because I do enjoy them.

I’ll try to post a bit more regularly, and am going into some different directions with that. Hopefully, 2011 is a great year for everybody and I can give you a few recommendations or laughs or just some diversion.



3 Responses to “Stopped short.”

  1. tifferne Says:

    I hate being sick. I work as a nurse in a walk in clinic. I rarely ever get sick myself. I always say it is because I am around it all the time at work. Congrats on the 47 books. The total number should not matter though as long as you enjoyed the ride.

  2. Jillian Says:

    I adore classics. The Sound and the Fury is excellent. I might have ead that Faulkner bio you read last year. 🙂

  3. mrvance Says:

    My holiday tradition is to start wondering how close we’re both getting to our reading goals as the year begins to wrap up. This year, I’ve had to go back and try to find out what my reading goal even was. I’m sitting at 29 books completed by thanksgiving, but i’m into a couple of good ones, so i’m not giving up yet.

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