Update on the reading project

The attempts to read 50 new books and/or 20,000 pages of new books in 2010 continues. The latest on the endeavor.

18. John Lennon– The Life by Phillip Norman.

Norman provides an interesting, and relatively balanced biography of Lennon. Less gossipy than Alfred Goldman’s Lennon book, less worshipful than Ray Coleman’s, this is about as good as it gets. Not that it’s perfect. Norman has clearly deferred greatly to Yoko Ono, in order to get her cooperation. Accordingly, we’re left with passages which try to make it sound normal that if John travelled somewhere, he might return in some weird out of the way manner, because of Yoko’s astrologers.

Lennon was a great musician and a fairly screwed-up person. The historical insight here is very good, and Norman does delve out some tasty morsels of knowledge– like the actual inspiration for “Norwegian Wood”.

19. The Draft by Pete Williams

This was a fairly dry account of the lead-up to the NFL Draft. Few surprises here. Agents are big business, and players go to absurd lengths in workouts to share time off their 40 yard dash or increase their vertical leaps. Not the worst book in town, but not worth recommending either.

20. Come On Down by Stan Blits

Yes, this is a book (official at that) about The Price is Right. Since it’s official, it’s sanitized and trivial, but has some interesting stories. If you love the pricing games, it’s worth a quick scan if you find it cheap.


Lennon: 864
The Draft: 360
Come on Down: 208
New book, not yet listed (in progress): 40

So as of now… 19.4 books, 7,530 pages
To be on pace… 20.7 books, 8,274 pages

Oh no– 1.3 books and 744 pages behind pace. Let’s see if June can be a good reading month!


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