More Readings

Finished 9. Know-It-All by A.J. Jacobs

I enjoyed the book. Jacobs’s biggest talent is making himself appear as some sort of “just plain folks” normal guy. Truth is, he went to an elite private high school, graduated from an Ivy League University and is the spawn of well-to-do New Englanders. And yet, he manages to paint himself as just a normal guy. Well, a normal guy who reads the entire Encyclopedia Britannica. A good trick.

10. Living on the Black by John Feinstein

Feinstein is an utterly unlikeable human being who happens to write some solid books. He’s most famous for spending a year with a 1980s vintage Bob Knight to produce “A Season on the Brink”. But this time, he spends a year catching up with late career Tom Glavine and Mike Mussina. He provides some interesting insight into the art of pitching. HIS trick was that he actually humanized Glavine to the extent that I felt BAD for him that the mean old Atlanta Braves only wanted to pay him $9 million per year to pitch, instead of the $11 million that he plainly deserved. It was a difficult trick, as I wanted to beat Glavine and Feinstein about the head with this 500+ page book when I figured the trick out. Ah, if only I could’ve pitched. I could’ve had four days to blog in between my starts.

So there we are.
As of yesterday, March 10th (day 69 of the year)
Books: 9.2 (thus resolving the “Magic in the Night” 2009/10 controversy
Page Count: 3,770
Pace needed to meet goals of 50 books/20,000 pages: 9.5 books/3,781 pages

So there we are. ALMOST on proper pace. Dave Barry is next up, so that promises both fun and a quick book (although a low page count).



One Response to “More Readings”

  1. barboo77 Says:

    I recently finished “Know-It-All” as well. I agree with your assessment. You should try his book “A Year Living Biblically”…it’s interesting and should also satisfy some of your religion requirement.

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