Three more that snuck into 2009

42. A big book list of 1001 things about the Bible
43. A book about the origins of things from Mental Floss
44. Bounce Back by John Calipari

So I was six short of 50. Except that I was working on three books at the end of 2009. I don’t know; maybe I read 46.1 books. But I didn’t count three that Julie read to me in the car on long trips. Eh, I don’t know for sure, but I didn’t get to 50 new books in 2009. I was close, but as I had predicted, the key would be getting ahead before my daughter announced her arrival. I didn’t, and so, no dice on the goal.

These books were books. THey had pages and said things. I liked Cal’s book– it was a much better self-help/motivation/life skills book than I would have suspected. Plus, he signed it to me, which is good.

I have finished Rob Kirkpatrick’s “Magic in the Night”, which is one of the better Springsteen related books I’ve yet read. Kirkpatrick is about 97% less full of crap than most music critics, so kudos to him.

I am currently reading Bill Simmons’s “The Book of Basketball”. which has caused me major abdominal pain from laughter. It should tell you something about my lack of sleep and general level of maturity that I absolutely cracked up at a list of players from the 2007 Cavaliers that included Turdo Sandowich.

So there, that’s over with, and I can get back to something or other else. I assure you that I was just as tired of writing about the books as you were of reading about them… if there’s anybody still left reading, that is.



3 Responses to “Three more that snuck into 2009”

  1. d_ustin Says:

    Just to show you are not the only immature one, I laughed hard enough at Turdo Sandowich to almost drop the lap top. Bytch Horny would be proud. I had considered picking up the Simmons book but wasn’t sure due to my mostly pedestrian basketball interest. You may have shifted it into my buy pile.

    • eljoe1235 Says:

      Similarly, I don’t remember the last time I watched a full NBA game. But this book is brilliant. I’m a little pissed because I didn’t write it first. My other favorite part so far, and I’m paraphrasing, was when he was watching a game and some analyst said, “The key to the game is when Hakeem gets the ball, whether he decides to shoot, pass or dribble it.” This prompted Simmons and a friend to make a list of what else could possibly be done with the ball. I recall they found:
      a) he could call time out
      b) he could black out
      c) he could s**t his pants
      d) he could drop dead.

  2. BUT THE OTHER 3%… | Says:

    […] Here’s the link: […]

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