#39- Committed: Confessions of a Fantasy Football Junkie by Mark St. Amant

Mark St. Amant quit his job and seemingly dedicated his life to trying to win his fantasy football league. If you think it sounds crazy, you’d be right. So the truth is that he quit his job to write this book about quitting his job to try to win his fantasy football league. Which is mildly more sane– if only by comparison.

Fantasy football, for the uninitiated, consists of “drafting” real (NFL) football players to imaginary teams. The statistics which said players compile in their actual NFL games are weighed against other players, and the team “owners” or “general managers” gain points for the statistical achievements of their particular players.

As a hobby, it’s slightly less nerdy than fighting each other with plastic light sabres or playing Dungeons & Dragons style fantasy card games.

It is, strangely, incredibly popular. I have been part of various and sundry fantasy football leagues for years. Mostly, they were an excuse for a group of my friends to make fun of each other. St. Amant means business, which is kind of amusing and, admittedly, kind of pathetic.

The book is a fun read, if rather light. I am torn on the end result. Part of me buys in to a live and let live sort of credo– if it makes people happy, no matter how nerdy it is, good for them. The other part of me realizes that if 2% of the energy used on fantasy football was instead diverted to something real and meaningful, the world would be a much better place. Of course, you could say the same thing about reading 50 new books in a year.



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