#32 Rich Tradition by Tom Leach

I picked this book up at Kroger, which is something of an oddity for me. Leach, the play-by-play voice of the Wildcats, chronicles the uptick in the fortunes of UK football, as led by Rich Brooks. The book was an interesting review of the last six years (wow, this really is his 7th year) of the life and (usually) hard times of UK football. While Brooks seems destined like Moses to not journey to the promised land of football greatness, he has done a fair job of setting the table for those to follow.

Extra props to Leach for a game-by-game review of all six seasons, including the first three, which I generally spent trying to forget that there was UK football, much less that I cared about it. The book is enjoyable, if a bit expensive for a paperback.



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One Response to “#32 Rich Tradition by Tom Leach”

  1. Barbara C. Says:

    The reason I finally gave in and read Harry Potter was that I found it on sale during a late night run to Kroger. Who knew that Kroger has literary influence that the rest of the world does not?

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