An update from the land of parenting

So, I haven’t posted so much. Having a newborn baby and going back to work have taken up lots of time. We also just traded vehicles, callously abandoning Julie’s old Civic despite its 130 or so thousand miles of efficiency. Somewhat bizarrely, the new vehicle has a cassette deck. Yes, it’s a 2006, and I know I hadn’t bought a tape for many years before that. But oh well… I’ll be breaking my Hammer cassettes back out soon.

I have realized that the 50 new books is likely not happening, but I am still reading, and am not totally abandoning the project. I have finished one and have another in close proxymity to completion. Who knows- 40-45 might still happen.

Parenting is very intense and challenging, and very rewarding. I would say so far the hardest part is dealing with a crying baby who you know has no legitimate (i.e. hungry, dirty, sleepy) reason to cry. Chuck Berry and Springsteen seem to generally help my little girl. Which is good. God knows they’ve helped me too.

The best parts? I guess you really have to experience them. I am partial to when she nuzzles her head into my neck and tickles the crap out of me. Or her funny faces and smiles, which are becoming more regular these days.

I’ll post a little more… hope everybody out there hasn’t forgotten me and is getting along well.



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