She’s here.

On Friday morning at 6:19 AM, I became a Dad. She is a wonderful, healthy amazing little girl, and I am humbled and amazed by her. My wife went through pain that I can’t fathom and generally kept an astoundingly good attitude. I definitely married up, and am very much glad I did.

And I’m really sleepy and a complete emotional train wreck. Is there some kind of postpartum father’s thing? If not, some day sleep deprived, confused, weepy Dads everywhere may have Cox Disease.

It’s been great to experience the support and love of friends and family. It takes a village, and it probably takes a country when I’m the Dad, but know it is appreciated, folks. If you’re a facebook friend, I will have pictures up shortly. Crying baby has pretty much occupied the 26 or so hours since we’ve been home. Just wanted to pass the news along for those who might not have known. Thanks for your support, friendship, readership, and prayers. Don’t stop any of them; particularly the last.

All the Best,




2 Responses to “She’s here.”

  1. dvance Says:

    How exciting!

    We’ll be clicking refresh every 2 minutes till we see some pictures.

    Can you share a name?

  2. Amy Says:

    Congratulations Joe and Julie from all of us at the Law Library! We know you will make great parents.

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