One last blast of baby wisdom

As the baby experience approaches, we went in for one last dose of baby knowledge. An infant safety class was the attraction, and I’m pleased to say there was some very useful information shared. That said, it’s always kind of odd and scary. Let me give you a for instance…

Baby is coughing as if slightly choked. If you’re like me, you think, “Hey, it’s a baby, it’s small, it’s helpless, it’s coughing, you need to help it.” Apparently, not so much. The strategy is to basically let them cough until they just run out of energy, then to worry about them. It sounds like child abuse, but hey, it was in the class, it must be true.

I was also amazed at Martha, our teacher, demonstrating her baby dexterity. We were given lifesize dolls to practice various holds with. I look around and Martha is just whipping that doll from cradlehold to football hold to shoulder hold and so on. Honestly, somebody needed to play “Sweet Georgia Brown” and let her twirl the doll on her finger while they were doused in confetti.

My wife’s pregnancy is full term today. This means we have three weeks until the due date, but that the baby is essentially ready to be born when the urge strikes her. It is both very daunting and very exciting.



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