Today is our anniversary

One year of blogging today. 365 days, 90 posts, about 3900 views. For whatever it’s worth, I’m more or less satisfied so far with the blog. It has given me an excuse to write some things, which was kind of the point. I hope it’s been worth reading for my solitary and apparently fairly loyal readership. If you have ideas for some ways to go, feel free to share them. The 50 new books in 2009 blogs will probably occupy a large amount of my time, and hopefully, I’ll have baby parenting anecdotes to share as well. I’ll probably write more about food and music, because they are things that I generally enjoy and almost never get tired of. Hopefully, you don’t either.

In any case, thanks for the reading, commenting, and occasional prodding that have kept this going. I’d like to do a better job of being consistent in posting, and would like to have 10,000 views at the end of year two. Of course, year two will coincide with year one of parenting, so we’ll see where we end up. Thanks for coming along.



2 Responses to “Today is our anniversary”

  1. Amy Hilliard Says:

    Well, assuming you have the time after becoming a parent, you will definitely be inundated with material worth sharing. Congrats on the baby! Congrats on the blog! I know I’ll still be reading.

  2. Teresa Says:

    I’ll click on your blog and hit refresh 9,999 times.

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