A Michigan genius and his penchant for fire chips

Yesterday while working in the glorious metropolis of Hardinsburg, Kentucky, I stopped in a BP station for a snack. I was looking in the potato chips aisle and settled on a bag of “Uncle Ray’s Hot Potato Chips.”

Wow. Uncle Ray wasn’t lying. Uncle Ray could’ve called them “Uncle Ray’s Eye-Watering, Head Sweating, Drown the Fire and Beg for Mercy Chips”. I guess it would’ve cost more to print the bags that way.

So after indulging in his tasty snack, I checked out the bag. Uncle Ray, apparently still active in Detroit, has decided to share his life story in segments on the back of his chips. The bag I had included a story about how he had stolen his brother’s clothes one day when he was swimming. More than a bit odd. Kind of like Uncle Ray. Apparently, in 1999, this guy was awoken from a sound sleep, went to his kitchen table and started writing his life story. Uncle Ray has explained “Everyone has a bad day, and I want to be there with a message.” Even if the message is not to steal your brother’s clothes.

This is exactly the sort of thing you should buy in the BP at Hardinsburg, Kentucky. Just make sure you get lots of water as well. Either that, or try some normal flavor of the chips, which by the way also come in flavors such as ketchup and dill pickle. Rumors that Uncle Ray is negotiating with me to provide blog posts for his chip bags are untrue. Well, unless he gives me lots of free chips.



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11 Responses to “A Michigan genius and his penchant for fire chips”

  1. Teresa Says:

    I looked these up after you told mom about them and saw this, direct quote: These are good hot chips with a nice flavor. They won’t win the contest for the hottest chips in the world, but they’re still fairly hot and have a lot of flavor. They’re hot enough that you might need to go get a drink of water after eating them (but it won’t be a super-urgent situation to get water, as it is with some even hotter chips). So either the person that wrote that eats extra hot at Prince’s or you’re a wuss.

  2. Teresa Says:

    PS.. I shut the computer after posting that and had to get back on here and share that after that comment, it made me realize what a great invention Prince’s hot chicken potato chips would be.

  3. eljoe1235 Says:

    Yeah, well, you eat the chips and you tell me. Julie ate one, just one chip, and drained a glass of water and refused more. Of course, she doesn’t like hot chicken either, or at least, she didn’t like the bite she got at the bar/grill by Opryland.

    You come down on the 4th and we’ll see who the wuss is.


  4. Julie Says:

    I tried those things and I tried medium hot chicken, and I gotta say the chips are worse. I don’t know what that person’s smoking! 🙂

  5. Teresa Says:

    I can’t imagine. I’m gonna have to try this out (maybe). It makes me think about that time you asked me to smell a jalapeno and I cried.

  6. d_ustin Says:

    I have tried the hot chips based on your tales. Very good. Very paprika-y. My bag had a tale wherein he felt guilty for swiping a neighbor’s peaches. Clearly this man enjoys making chips and petty theft. I have a bag of dill pickle chips but haven’t read Unlcie Ray’s Tales of Larceny yet.

  7. eljoe1235 Says:

    Where did you find the hot chips? The little convenience market in Hardinsburg is the only place I can find them. I bought more, many more. And yes, portions of his life story are another part of the joy of Uncle Ray’s fine chips. I’d like to think I’d do the same thing if I sold potato chips.

  8. d_ustin Says:

    They are all over the place here in Tazewell. The Ingles has a wide variety but not the hot chips. Those I found at the Shell Station in Dogwood Heights, which oddly enough didn’t have Grippos my intended chip purchase. Uncle Ray is all over Claiborne Co. it appears.
    I should really get up and read the dill chip bag before mom eats them all.

  9. Teresa Says:

    Dustin, where the hell is Dogwood Heights? I’ve been ordered to find these chips if they are really in the neighboring county. I even promised that it’d be his “congratulations, you have a baby” present. Now I need to know where Dogwood Heights is. haha

  10. d_ustin Says:

    Its the subdivision in tazewell right across from where the sundowner used to be. now called the wild hawg. There is a streak of 3 gas stations one a chevron, one closed & being remodeled and the last one a shell all on the right if your coming from the boro into taz. The Shell has a full rack of all of Uncle Ray’s finest snacks.

  11. Teresa Says:

    Awesome. I know where I’ll be travelling to tomorrow!

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