Baby Class VI

And so, as it began, the baby class ended with a whimper. While there were some full screen photos of poop, it really didn’t get any gorier than that. At the end of the class, we were taken by the nursery, where several new babies were beginning life. It was a reminder– this is why you’ve given up six Tuesday nights. Of course, I considered pointing out that they couldn’t stop us from getting the baby even without giving up the Tuesday nights. But I do feel a little less stupid about babies. Not much less, but a little.

With every passing day, my unborn daughter becomes a little more tangible and real to me. Tomorrow she’ll probably become much more real, as I’ll spend much, if not all, day with my kind father-in-law and the always helpful Jim Kelly (not the former Buffalo Bills quarterback, instead the current Logan County High School teacher) putting together furniture for her. Or for us. She’ll become who she is. We can’t change that, and I guess wouldn’t if we could. We can give her some furniture. And shelter, food, love, and smothering attention. I think she’ll survive despite us. I know I can’t wait to find out.


2 Responses to “Baby Class VI”

  1. Julie Says:

    Me too! 🙂

  2. d_ustin Says:

    I think we’re missing a goldmine reality tv show: “Bills N Babies” They couldn’t win any of their Super Bowls but what happens when the early 90’s Buffalo Bills regroup to raise a newborn. Its Three Men and a Baby with extra men and thankfully less Steve Guttenburg.
    TV gold right there.

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