Book 20- Bruce Springsteen’s America: The People Listening, A Poet Singing

See, I told you more books would come. This book was hard to finish, because frankly, it’s quite bad. It’s even more frustrating than normal bad books because it was a good idea. Robert Coles, a child psychologist and master of horrifically loopy and difficult to follow writing, talks with ten “just plain folks” who happen to like Springsteen. For some reason, they can’t be active fans who go out and catch concerts. These ten give their insights into what Springsteen means to them.

Unfortunately, this is lost in a deluge of the worst writing ever. Also, the ten people sound suspiciously alike, and suspiciously similar to Coles. I’m saying either they flat didn’t exist, or they did exist and Coles talked to them, and wrote their stories in his words.

Let this illustrate how awful Coles’s writing is. Julie sometimes will read to me in the car. She started this book in the car and after awhile (maybe 10-15 pages), was kind of slurring her speech. I was a bit alarmed that she was having some sort of mini-stroke, until she finally confessed that she was literally falling asleep while reading it aloud. She put the book down and was out in two seconds.

Don’t buy this book. Don’t read this book. In fact, you maybe shouldn’t even read me talking about this book. I’m sorry for wasting your time and mine.


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