Baby Class II- The Va-Jay-Jay show

Yes, Baby Class II brought our group of expectant parents a bit more knowledge and a helpful opportunity to ask questions. It also brought us video views of two women being nearly torn into by their babies. Yes, in delighful, unedited footage, I saw two births.

And my immediate reaction, other than that the placenta really is quite disgusting, was that it was beautiful. Yes, undoubtedly painful, but beautiful. Maybe, in the words of Bob Dylan, “I’m too sensitive or else I’m getting soft.” Or maybe the reality that in about 13 weeks that’s going to be my daughter checking into the world is starting to sink in. I don’t know.


9 Responses to “Baby Class II- The Va-Jay-Jay show”

  1. Teresa Says:


    • eljoe1235 Says:

      That’s exactly the sort of moral support I would expect.

      • Teresa Says:

        That’s precisely what sisters are for.

        However, I am the one that cries during every single episode of “A Baby Story”… You do realize I will have my own box of tissues at the hospital. And they will probably all be long gone before Julie is even fully dialated.

      • eljoe1235 Says:

        We just won’t tell you until she’s born then. That’ll probably make you cry too though.

      • Teresa Says:

        I cry when I go to Wal-Mart and look at baby clothes. Enough said.

  2. Barbara C. Says:

    The video they showed us at Lamaze was very surreal. The woman groaned and the baby just slid out. Even the teacher was like, “That was really easy, huh? Yours probably won’t be like that.” The one they showed us in health class Freshman year of high school was much more traumatic…that’s probably why we made it until Senior year before half the class started getting pregnant rather than just Sophomore year.

    • eljoe1235 Says:

      We got two movies– one of which was along the same lines of woman pushes, baby appears, and the other kind of followed the couple through the whole labor experience, and seemed to give a better idea of the fact that much of the exhaustion is just being mentally and emotionally drained, and opposed to pure physical pain.

      I certainly concur that pregnancy is probably good birth control for the young and stupid. Although being young and stupid, they probably wouldn’t listen anyway.


  3. Amy Hilliard Says:

    Love the title Joe.

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