#12- Twenty Nights to Rock by Bill Tangen

For the second time in three books, I was disappointed. Tangen took a great concept– following Bruce Springsteen around to 20 concerts in 2002-3, and absolutely ruined it. This is the worst sort of rock fan travel writing. Sample section (not real, written by me, but could be real):

“It was nice, to be in Washington. The weather, was kind of rainy. Bruce was in great form though. He sang “Glory Days” and rocked out on his guitar. After the show I met whogivesacrap and obnoxiousjrk from the Springsteen message board. They were real nice. Then we found a great bar where I sang karaoke, which everyone loved.”

Horrid punctuation? Check.
Poor music writing, with no real sense of HOW anything sounded or was played? Check.
Frequent useless references to Internet people? Check.
Constant references to the author singing karaoke? Check.

I’m sure this book was a lot of fun for this guy to write. But for readers, it was a great concept with absolutely awful execution. Twenty Nights to Meander Aimlessly would’ve been appropriate for the type of writing used here. Yuck.



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