Another album that mattered to me– #3

Today, I’m taking this one far out in left field. I’m also going to my absolute first musical favorite. Before Springsteen, before Dylan, before Beatles, there was one artist, one legend who shone brighter than all the rest. I’m referring of course to…

Yes, Weird Al.

My father was somehow responsible for this. We visited a record store in Pikeville that was closing. He found a 45 of the original massive Weird Al hit “Eat It” and decided I might enjoy it. And I did. Over. And over. And over. And over.

The album above soon followed. Parodies of Michael Jackson, the Police, whoever it was who sang “Eye of the Tiger”, and even more found its way onto my record player. I’ll spare you my usual rambling about the intrinsic musical genius of one of my favorites. I have no idea why I liked Weird Al. But I liked him SO much that I was Weird Al for Halloween when I was five years old. I don’t have the picture or the scanner, but I’ll leave you with the mental image of a five year old me with a curly black wig and eyeglasses. My costume rocked. Of course, it may have just gone over so well because that was the year that I broke my arm and when Halloween rolled around I still had a huge cast on it. But mostly I think it was Weird Al.



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3 Responses to “Another album that mattered to me– #3”

  1. Amy Hilliard Says:

    It takes a lot of courage to admit that you were a huge Weird Al fan. I’m very proud that you can embrace the true you. You go Joe! 🙂

  2. Teresa Says:

    And then, one day, we stole his beach ball. And all was right with the world.

  3. Barbara C. Says:

    I received the 45 for “Eat It” for my birthday; I think that was the same year I also got 45s of “Karma Chameleon” and “No More Lonely Nights”. Was that the same Weird Al album that had “Another One Rides the Bus” (as opposed to “Another One Bites the Dust”)?

    Ahhh, the memories. Who am I kidding; I still love Weird Al! “Amish Paradise”, “Do I Make You Scared?”. I swear he looks younger now than he did in the ’80’s.

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