I turn 28 tomorrow. That’s not (WOO-HOO) I TURN 28 TOMORROW! Or (oh no) I turn 28 tomorrow? Just a fact. The reaper creeps closer, invited or otherwise. Might as well make him comfortable.

What I’m wondering is when your birthday ceases to be a big deal. I don’t mean when it ceases to involve parties with Bobo the clown making balloon animals, I just mean when does it cease to be noticed? I think my last birthday party was when I turned 12, although I’m not 110% sure about the year. Any ideas or consensus here? I’m just curious to know other people’s experiences or lack thereof?




2 Responses to “Birthdays”

  1. Barbara C. Says:

    When you have kids, especially small ones. Then you’re just lucky to make it through yet another day, even if it happens to be your birthday. If you’re lucky, the kids insist on going to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate. It’s much less fun at age 30 than when you had your party there at age 6. This year on my birthday I was exactly two weeks post-partum and had other things on my mind.

  2. eljoe1235 Says:

    I never went to Chuck E. Cheese, so actually, I might look forward to that, sadly enough.

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