SEC football is back

The autumn is nearing, school kids are miserable again, and SEC football is ready to resume its reign as king of college football. Last night was the first night of 2008 gridiron action and for anybody who cares, here’s what transpired:

South Carolina 34, North Carolina State 0: This game was not quite as boring as its score. Mercifully, since being more boring that the score would’ve been narcolepsy inducing. Early drama insued as Tommy Beecher, USC’s starting quarterback, appeared to spend the first three quarters shaving points. Beecher spent most of the game either flat on his back after being leveled or throwing the ball to no one in particular. He missed open receivers, he held the ball too long, he floated passes into coverage, and generally played QB with all the aptitude of the “exceptional” folk from There’s Something About Mary.

Fortunately for the Gamecock faithful, NC State’s entire team might have been shaving points, save for their running back A. Brown, who had 101 yards. Yes, he has a first name, and no, I don’t care what it is.  NC State gave the game’s deciding play when backup QB Daniel Evans tried to hit a low snap with his foot, instead turning the ball over at his own 12 and setting up the back-breaking first USC touchdown. I know Evans threw the ball like a soccer player, but come on! A little help, there, Pele?

This game didn’t yield much, but we did learn that NC State would struggle with a good high school team, that South Carolina has a very good defense and an offense which is very much a work in progress, and that Chris Smelley, who played well in relief of the poor unfortunately Tommy Beecher, will probably be playing next week against Vandy. Speaking of whom…

Vanderbilt 34, Miami of Ohio 13: Since I don’t get ESPNU, I didn’t see this game. Still, Vandy has so little respect that they were a four point underdog in this game. Yes, it was on the road, yes, they’re Vandy, but MAC talent is not equal to (or even close to equal to) SEC talent. The Commodores led 17-3 after the first quarter and never looked back. Chris Nickson, who has had as many demises and returns as Richard Nixon, ran for 166 yards and two scores and threw for another TD. Probably the most electric play of the game was Vandy DB D.J. Moore returning a punt from his own 8 to the Vandy 1, where he was just deprived of a touchdown. Still, 91 yards gets you a mention on my blog, D.J.

A full slate of games will be played on Saturday, before my ‘Cats tee it up at Louisville on Sunday. As of now, the SEC is 2-0 and pretty much dominated both games. That said, a few more interesting games would be nice– hopefully we get those soon.



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  1. Julie Says:

    I can’t WAIT! 🙂

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