While I’m at it… or how I learned to love the negativity

I’ve tried to keep the blog positive, but I’m getting an unbelivable number of hits off of my Dylan bashing. So to continue briefly in that vein before reverting to my usual sunshinyness…

I hate “Rolling Stone” magazine. Can’t stand it. I asked for a subscription for some unknown reason. Oh wait, I know the reason. They put all of those special issues out, ranking the rock and roll immortals, interviewing the ghost of rock and roll past, and made me think “Hmmmm, this could be interesting.” But it wasn’t. I am tempted to defer any hand in the selection of future gifts, because I know Julie could’ve chosen better had I just left her alone.

The articles are boring and are devoted to irrelevant “hot talent” or are continued political rants. And let me say, I’m liberal and I’m sick of “Rolling Stone”. Look, I’ll probably end up out there voting for Barack. But if you put him on the cover again, I may lose my brain. I get it. Barack gets a white hat and McCain gets a black one. I understand. Honest. So just stop already.

As far as any editorial content aside from Barack-fest, “RS” has nothing substantive to offer. It’s all a ball of slick advertising and marketing. I could’ve probably learned more about music by reading the Sunday paper instead.

So don’t make the mistake I did. Don’t ask for a subscription. And spouses of people who ask for subscriptions– don’t be nice and humor them. Tell them how stupid they’re being. It’s for their own good.



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2 Responses to “While I’m at it… or how I learned to love the negativity”

  1. Barbara C. Says:

    Was there anything good by Cameron Crowe? I can’t think of Rolling Stone without thinking about “Almost Famous”. But I’ve never actually enjoyed an issue of RS, either. Even their countdown ones always seem slightly wrong.

  2. eljoe1235 Says:

    RS seems to hide its good or worthwhile writers and farm the actual writing out to its turds. I could live with more Cameron Crowe.


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