A bit of low comedy

This is an outstanding video of a rather portly young man making an idiot of himself. As he himself says of this on youtube, “I Was trying to dunk but then I was up and the ball didnt go in so i fell”.

I say that this is six seconds of comedic gold. From the opening remark (a guy not so subtly yells “RETARD” as our basketball underachiever takes off) to the thunderous launching of our young reject at the basket, to the final gleeful scream “HE’S OKAY”, pure freaking gold.

Turn on your sound, sit back, and prepare to watch six brilliant seconds again, and again, and again.




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2 Responses to “A bit of low comedy”

  1. Ricky Says:

    I love it how the one guy shouts “He’s OK!!” well before any accurate assessment of his OK-ness could possibly be rendered.

    Reminds me of a similarly failed dunk by a similarly athletically unendowed friend years ago back in Horse Cave. He later became a pharmacist, which luckily doesn’t require much of a vertical leap.

  2. eljoe1235 Says:

    There are so many wonderful things about it that it’s really hard to break down. This is one of those moments that is great on so many levels that it just boggles the mind.


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