High School Reunions

The slump of my blog has gotten to my feeble mind. Today, I’m wondering about high school reunions. This year would have been my class’s 10th reunion, but due to the incredibly small size of my high school, there was instead only a sort of uber-reunion, which thus promised to be filled with people from the last few years. I didn’t go and was later advised that two people from my class did.

So what say you, readership? Have you gone to your reunions? Will you go? Why/why not? I had a reasonably good time in high school and I might have been tempted had my school gone with a real class reunion, but as it is… nah.

And lastly, if you didn’t go, do you regret it? If you did go, did you enjoy it?




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6 Responses to “High School Reunions”

  1. Ricky Says:

    Well, I was really pregnant when my 10th reunion came around, so traveling seven hours with a preschooler to attend wasn’t high on my list of things to do. My class had a mini-reunion at Churchill Downs last year, but again the whole living out of state thing with kids kind of puts a damper on the idea. We barely make it back to Kentucky to see family as it is. I don’t keep in touch with any of my friends from my high school, and my high school doesn’t even exist anymore.

    I’ve kind of been having reunions with people on MySpace, though. In addition to people from college, I’ve caught up with a few people from high school and lately even people from grade school. We’ve been catching up on all the gossip…who’s married, divorced, has kids. Seeing their pictures now is kind of shocker, though. It’s not that they look bad now, but I remember them at age 18, or in some cases age 14. Seeing them at age 31 really makes me wonder how the world sees me. (Although I hope I look worlds better than I did at 18 and especially 14.)

  2. Barbara C. Says:

    By the way, the above post was by me, not Ricky. His information was saved in the reply boxes for some reason. You’ll have to ask him for his own opinion about reunions.

  3. eljoe1235 Says:

    Alas, Barbara, only the “Ricky” comment had registered and I was excitedly logging in to rib him about his record-setting man pregnancy. I suspected the truth, but had hoped to get to post before it was unveiled. Alas and alack. Thanks for the response, even if it doesn’t result in hours, no, days of merriment over gender confusion.


  4. Teresa Says:

    did I go? hell no. do I wish I went? hell no. of course, you already knew this, but I felt it necessary to advertise it just a little bit more.

  5. Ricky Says:

    I was going to comment, then realized I’d somehow already commented. And apparently had a child. Did I get impregnated back in the late 90s when I was drunk all the time and singing the first verse of All Along the Watchtower twice? If so, it isn’t the first bad experience I’ve blocked out.

    Want to feel like you’re getting old? Or at least confirm beyond any lingering doubt I’M getting old? Next year will be (if they have one) my 20th HS reunion. I guess that’s THE one to go to if you’re at all open to attending one of these God-awful affairs. We’ve yet to have a real reunion, although I did speak with an old friend a few months ago and he apparently went to some “kind of a” reunion with a few of our old classmates. Nobody even informed me about it, which is just as well. I suppose they would have no idea how to find me now that my mom lives up here anyway.

    Bottom line, I guess I’m kind of open to going next year if they have one (and if I even find out about it if they do). I probably won’t go because it seems like a long trip to go back to a place I’m glad I left behind. But I would be proud to show off my kids and prove to them all that I actually was able to get my shit somewhat together and get laid. And at least three times at that.

  6. eljoe1235 Says:

    Ricky, you DID live in the same dorm room as the legendary Jay Thomas for a time. I suppose we should all consider ourselves fortunate that Jay Thomas didn’t rewrite the laws of human biology and somehow force us all to bear his spawn…

    Interestingly, we’re all on “no, no, and not yet” for answers. Maybe somebody went to a high school reunion. If not, no wonder none of us are having real reunions!


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