A brief Sunday night posting

Sorry to have been away for a few days, but Friday night, Julie and I went to Knoxville to see Tift Merritt. For the specifics of this glorious show, and our triumphant meeting and conversation with Tift, consult Julie’s blog, Work in Progress, linked off to the right.

I will say that Friday was as fun of an evening as I’ve had in a long while. Tift is a talented and lovely lady, who was rocking the house. The band played loud and tight, and all was right in the world of Knoxville for a little while.

Tift’s most recent record, Another Country, is an introspective acoustic/piano driven sort of record (although with a few surprises). Her prior record, Tambourine, is probably even better to me. I would summarize it as white girl with soul backed with horns. I dig them both, and her first one, Bramble Rose, is a nice twangier record. Check any or all of them out, go see her, or at least check her out online (she has a couple of videos, and was recently on Letterman– check youtube). 

Hope everybody’s week gets off smoothly and rolls along even better. More from me, in between trips to Clinton County, KY.



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