Favorite restaurant countdown- #8

And so I keep counting down the restauranting hits. So far:

10. Ollie’s Trolley, Louisville, KY

9. China Express, Middlesboro, KY

8. Louis’, Knoxville, TN

              In my late teens and very early 20s, I ended up spending a good bit of time in and around Knoxville, Tennessee. As there was never much going on in Middlesboro, my friends and I would inevitably gravitate toward Knoxville. There wasn’t much more going on there, but it was at least something different.

                 On one such trip, I was introduced to the joys of Louis’. Thank you, Dustin McCoy. Louis’ is well out the North end of Knoxville, on Broadway. It’s a family restaurant, tending toward nice but not obnoxiously so. There are white tableclothes and helpful staff, but at the same time, it’s not really a place you need to dress up to visit.

                  Louis’ cuisine runs the gamut. You can get steaks or burgers or seafood or pasta. Personally, on about the second or third time I went, I got their ravioli, and that’s pretty much what I always get. It’s a heaping plate of tasty pasta, smothered in their spicy red sauce. Fortunately, you also get bread, which is very helpful to try and sop up some of the extra red sauce.

                  Louis’ other food is very good too. But the pasta sauce is absolutely addictive. They will probably give you more food than you can humanly eat, but you’ll wish you could eat it all. It’s fairly reasonably priced as well- $10-12 will buy you a ton of tasty food.

                   If you’re ever in Knox Vegas, stop in and tell the folks at Louis’ that I sent you. While they wouldn’t actually know me, I can hope they might be karmically forced to give me a little extra red sauce then next time I’m in town.  



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4 Responses to “Favorite restaurant countdown- #8”

  1. Julie Says:

    I could use some Louis’ right now. It’s sooooooooooo good. Much better than Ollie’s Trolley. 🙂

  2. d_ustin Says:

    If i do nothing else of value, I have helped spread the good word of Louis’. Look i’ll even do it again: they are currently selling 50th anniversarry t-shirts. I am ashamed I do not own one.

  3. eljoe1235 Says:

    If our high school reunion had been at Louis’, I’d have been there. No questions. Granted, I would have restricted myself to making infantile jokes and eating the entire restaurant, down to fixtures, but I would’ve been there.


  4. d_ustin Says:

    well there you go, you did indeed miss out…the entire total number from our class? 2. myself and kevin. and we instantly reverted to infantile humor. its like 10 years of aging and maturity disappeared. If they were ever there at all. We went to all the old rooms, saw our mine and yours’ cubby hole in El Norm’s room. We broke Talbot the door. Good times. We were once again great geometers.

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