Now THAT’s a sport…

Just a quick note today. I promise I have some more substantive blogs on tap, but time is tight.

I wanted to mention that I saw an article online that listed various former Olympic sports. My favorite was solo synchronized swimming. The question this immediately inspires is that in solo swimming, how can it be UN-synchornized. I don’t want to get all existential, but how can you swim and NOT be in sync with yourself?

I ultimately learned that the synchronized referred to synchronization with a particular piece of music, but that’s a vaguely disappointing answer to the issue.

I wanted to visualize hard-training Olympic “athletes” who spent years dedicating themselves to the task of swimming in sync with themselves. I like to think they would need some sort of mind coach to truly conquer the game. Judging would be very difficult as well.

I’ll volunteer to represent the USA.



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