A recommendation

It’s been a busy day, so all I’m doing is pointing you to my wife’s burgeoning blog. It’s called “Work in Progress” and you can link to it straight from the blogroll on the right side of this page. She’s finally made her way into the blogosphere, likely inspired by the fact that, unlike me, a large percentage of her anecdotes don’t involve juvenile pranks, greasy hamburgers and/or dueling flatulence battles. Incidentally, I think Dueling Flatulence Battles would be an outstanding band name.

But anyway, check her blog out. She’s a better writer than I am, as well as a kinder person, and probably has better personal hygene as well. Oh, forget probably, who am I kidding? She does.  



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One Response to “A recommendation”

  1. Amy Hilliard Says:

    I checked it out. You’re right…she is soooo much better than you! JUST KIDDING! :)…but I did enjoy it. Wish I would have gotten to know her when you all were in the area.

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