Your show could be… well, my show

Confession time– I really don’t watch much television. Sure, I’ll sit down and turn on a ball game for a few minutes to relax, and if I catch a game show on, I’m probably about even money to watch for a while, but I don’t watch television SHOWS anymore.

About as modern as I got was Seinfeld and King of the Hill. I’ve also been dragged through all ten seasons of Friends more times than I’d care to admit– although it did kind of grow on me.

So this is the fun, interactive part of the blog…

What show should I be watching? Tell me which one and make your case for why. I’ll give this a week, to hopefully let a couple of responses stack up and I’ll give a try to whatever show seems most worthy.

So there you are. You are the lab scientists and I will be your television guinea pig. Well, if you convince me. Which really would make me more like a cat, I guess.



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4 Responses to “Your show could be… well, my show”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Well, Joe, considering it’s the middle of summer and most of the regular shows aren’t even on right now it might be kind of hard to test them out.

    For your consideration, though, you might want to check out the finale of “Hell’s Kitchen” tomorrow night to get a taste for next season. You can’t go wrong with an angry British dude screaming at people.

    Of the other shows I watch, you might like “Bones”. It’s my favorite of the crime dramas with its funny and quirky ensemble cast. I think they are starting to show some reruns in syndication.

    Then of course, there’s “American Idol”. It’s too late to get started on “Lost” unless you can get a hold of the previous seasons on DVD; there’s just too much to explain in spite of the clip on youtube that sums up the first few seasons in a few minutes.

  2. eljoe1235 Says:

    As if we needed proof that I don’t watch TV, I asked the question in the middle of summer.

    Frankly, it’s probably good that I didn’t ask for a good “talkie” to see.

    Anyway, good feedback from Barbara, who is the leader in the clubhouse for the TV lab scientist.


  3. Amy Hilliard Says:

    OK….the little voting jab got me. I must say I haven’t been watching much TV myself lately. The only thing that I watch regularly…and the season is over…is Grey’s Anatomy. But, I can’t really see you getting into that, (too girly) even though the music is always great and I’ve been turned on to some new artists through that show. I would suggest Boston Legal, but I’ve also heard that there is nothing that attorney’s hate more than watching TV shows about…what else…attorneys. It makes sense I guess, but I think it’s worth watching simply for William Shatner and James Spader…seriously. So, that leaves me with cable. I don’t get cable myself, so everything I’ve seen has been on DVD. All of the HBO and Showtime series that I’ve seen are great. Rent Weeds (talk about a concept…suburban soccer mom turned big time pot dealer), or Deadwood (it is no more, but I think you would really like it…hard core Wild West with almost poetic dialogue, if not a bit profane…actually a lot of profanity, immorality and violence, but still worth the dialogue and the plot line). So, that is my two cents….for what it’s worth…a lot more complicated than voting!

  4. eljoe1235 Says:

    Hopefully more rewarding than voting as well. I’d give you a little American flag sticker for your participation, Amy.

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